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Subsea Technology
Subsea Technology
Subsea Technology
Subsea Technology
Subsea Technology

Sediment profile imaging (SPI) is a useful tool for rapidly collecting data and analysing a suite of seafloor parameters including:

  • Sediment grain size

  • Camera prism penetration depth

  • Roughness of the sediment-water interface

  • Transition and dredged material


Marine Technology has built several sediment profile imaging cameras. Our clients have included NUI Galway Oceanography Department and Aquafact Ltd.


In 2012 we completed a fifth camera for an international client. This latest model has a 50 megapixel Hasselblad camera with a Nikon D7000 surface camera for the highest quality images. The depth rating of these machines can be designed to clients specific needs and we have successfully operated our deep-sea version at 5000 meters. We have also designed a lightweight hand held version that can be operated by divers in shallow depths.



Sediment Profile Imaging Camera
Sediment profile imaging camera  

Seabed-to-Surface Design and Manufacture 


Marine Technology has been involved in the design, manufacture and installation of a variety of marine winches over the last three decades. This included the complete deck winch manufacture and commissioning for the RV Celtic Voyager.


MTL can supply custom made hydraulic, hydroelectric and fully electric general purpose and real-time cable marine winches.  We can design one-off, small footprint winches for specific scientific applications such as towed bodies and sounders. We design and manufacture all components including guide on gear and have the capability to machine the diamond shafts. We can also design and build specialised marine winch control systems to suit specific client needs.   



Marine winches 


As well as marine winches, Marine Technology has designed and installed retraction units for both the Celtic Voyager and the Celtic Explorer. These units are used to deploy equipment such as acoustic doppler current profilers (ADCPs) and ultra short baseline positioning systems (USBL). These types of units require that their transducers are deployed below a ship's hull and then retracted whilst underway.

Marine Winches Ireland
Marine Winches Ireland

At MTL, we form part of the cluster of companies around the region that provide services to Smartbay Ireland and the quater scale test site in Galway Bay. To date, MTL has provided design and fabrication services for their sub-sea infrastructure. 


SmartBay Ireland supports the testing and validation of novel sensors and equipment for its clients. Facilities include surface platforms and a sub-sea cabled observatory for the demonstration and validation of new technologies and solutions.







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