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About MTL. 

Established in 1980, Marine Technology Ltd (MTL) from its very beginning has been a precision engineering, design and development company with the unique capacity to manufacture and supply its own designs to meet client’s needs. In 1980, having completed a technical report for the National Board for Science & Technology on the state’s research vessel, RV Lough Beltra, the company was asked to take on the task of the complete refit of the ship. This was successfully completed and MTL was then offered the full management of the vessel, which continued until 1996. 

When the State decided to search for a larger research vessel to replace RV Lough Beltra, MTL provided the technical advice and general arrangement drawings of RV Celtic Voyager. The Celtic Voyager is a 31 metre purpose built research vessel and was delivered to the state in 1997 under the technical supervision of MTL. 


Recognising the depth of work required in the marine sector in Ireland, The RV Celtic Explorer was added to the fleet in 2005. The Celtic Explorer is a 65 metre multi purpose, low-noise ship designed specifically for deep-sea surveys. Once again Marine Technology provided the conceptual design and oversaw the build of the Celtic Explorer. We also provided advice, design and manufacture of some of the ships equipment including the retraction units for acoustic devices and multi-purpose winches.



Over recent years we have diversified our industry expertese in areas such as aerospace, medical devices and oil & gas. We are also involved in the design and manufacture of combustion equipment for academic research. This type of precision engineering has involved the design and manufacture of Rapid Compression Machines, high-pressure shock tubes and fuel mixing vessels. Working very closely with the combustion chemistry centre at NUI Galway, MTL now provides machinery to institutions all over the world in the area of chemical kinetics and combustion studies. Our background in precision engineering, design and R&D allows MTL to build these highly specialised pieces of equipment. 

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